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About Foseco India Limited

Brief History

Foseco has been associated with the metals industry for over 75 years and is today acknowledged as a world leader in the supply of consumable products for use in the foundry industry with a presence in 32 countries and major facilities in Germany, USA, UK, Brazil, China, India, South Korea and Japan. The Company was founded by Eric Weiss in 1932 and quickly became established as a supplier to the Foundry Industry, from where the name Foundry Service Company was derived. In April 2008, Foseco was acquired by Cookson Group Plc. with interests in metals, electronics and ceramics. In December 2012, the Cookson Group Plc. was demerged resulting in formation of Cookson Group Limited, Vesuvius plc. and Alent plc. Foseco India Limited is part of the Vesuvius plc. which includes Engineered Ceramics (Flow Control, Advanced Refractories and Foundry Technologies) and Precious Metals Processing Divisions of Cookson.

Foundries form the heart of any manufacturing based economy. Foundries typically produce castings that go into different user segments. These segments can be broadly classified into automotive, construction, heavy machinery, general engineering and mining. The processes in each foundry have unique characteristics, so customers need to be provided specific customised solutions.

Foseco India Limited is acknowledged as the only Company in the country that possesses the capability of offering the widest range of solutions for producing casting of the highest standards in terms of quality, surface finish, soundness, integrity and dimensional tolerance. Its focus is on adding economic value through improved process capability, casting yield, resource utilization and efficiency and development of new business opportunities. Consequently, Foseco has adopted a “partnership” model with customers, which is founded on its three core areas of strength:

Product Technology: Our global proprietary consumable product technology.

Application Expertise: Our in-depth knowledge of our customer operations and the application of our products across a wide range of foundry processes.

Customer Relationships: Our conviction is that customer partnership, where expertise and knowledge are shared, result in the greatest performance improvements for our customers.

The Company partners with its customers to deliver measurable improvements to the performance of its customer’s production processes. Foseco is committed to the belief that only by creating maximum value for the customer, can a fair share of that value be retained by Foseco as profits.


•1958 – JV between Greaves and Foseco Plc, UK  and was incorporated as Greaves Foundry Services Private Limited.
•1962 – rechristened as Greaves Foseco Limited
•1994 – became Foseco India Limited as Greaves exited the business
•1994 – listed at the Bombay Stock Exchange
•2003 – listed at the National Stock Exchange
•2008 – Acquisition of Foseco plc by Cookson Group plc
•2009 – Integrated Management System: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001
•2012 – Foseco India Limited became part of the Vesuvius plc following demerger of Cookson Group into Vesuvius plc &
            Alent plc.  

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